How it works?

Heavnn allows wider access to tax expertise for geo-independents. And it all happens in five simple steps.

Our process at a glance

Heavnn's unique tax engine will compute the best global tax setup for your specific situation. We use the information from your digital interview, so the more detailed your responses are, the more precise and efficient your tax scenario will be.

Once you approve the tax scenario, we can also handle the full implementation and take care of all the paperwork for you.

Digital interview

Digital interview

You take the digital interview so our system can collect detailed information about your situation (travel plans, finances, personal situation, etc.)

1-1 call

A short call with an expert from Heavnn's Team during which we consolidate all your answers and answer any of your questions.

Preparation meeting
Design remote setup

Design remote setup

Heavnn designs your global remote setup and prepares your very own tax optimisation scenario.

Review your scenario

You receive the tax scenario, we review it together, adjust it and once you're fully satisfied you approve it. Here is a sample scenario.

Review plan
Validate and implement

Action plan

Once your scenario is approved, we create an implementation plan for you, and depending on the package you got, we can also start implementing it for you!

And just like that, you are all set, optimised and can now legally work from anywhere!

Validate and implement
Our expertise

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Enjoy your nomadic lifestyle to the fullest.

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