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Tax management for your global team.

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Heavnn Business

Tax management for your Global team

Our multi-country solution allows remote-first companies to offer the best remote work benefits & tax advantages to their distributed teams.

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Benefits for remote-first companies

Remote work policy

Remote work policy

Address any compliance risks your company may face with our clear and efficient remote work policies.

Tax management and benefits

Tax management & benefits

Unlock working from anywhere for your team, as a benefit, and integrate our tax optimisation into their compensation package.

Competitive compensation packages

Competitive compensation packages

Boost your competitive advantage, by providing a cutting-edge benefit that reinforces loyalty and improves talent retention.

One global platform

One global platform

Import remote workers from your HRIS, apply the benefit selected ones, run simulations, and view tax savings directly via our platform.

Cutting-edge, tech-enabled solution that ensures your talent remains fully compliant and tax-optimized, regardless of location.

Our advanced tax technology expertly navigates the global landscape to identify the ideal remote tax status for your talent while balancing local tax benefits and minimising potential compliance risks for both; your employees and your organisation.

Cutting edge technology

How we help distributed teams?

Minimum 25% increase income

Min 25% increase in net salary

We provide at least 25% increase in workers’ take-home pay and an efficient benefit to reinforce loyalty and improve retention.

100k average savings per employee

100K avg. savings, per employee

We help you save an average of 100k, per employee in the cost of resolving compliance issues and penalties.

100% reduction in hidden remote workers

100% reduction in hidden remote workers

Our solution motivates remote workers to report their whereabouts in order to benefit from global tax optimisation.

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