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What is Heavnn

What is Heavnn?

Heavnn is a technology solution developed to solve the tax challenge for location-independent workers and remote-first companies.

More than ensuring the effective filing of your tax returns, our team of Experts and Tax Lawyers, with a solid background in international taxation, offers you a dedicated support to understand your situation and take appropriate actions to optimize your taxation.

Design your journey

Design your journey

Start or continue your digital nomad journey. We guide you in making the best tax choices that fit both your personal preferences and your wallet.

Validate your tax scenario

Approve your tax scenario

You validate the digital nomad journey that is best for you, with all the financial data at hand, directly on our platform.

Paperwork done

The paperwork is done!

You can start nomading! We take care of all the relevant paperwork to make your tax-optimized scenario a reality.

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Our customers say

Amazing experience

Knowledge of the rules, responsiveness, flexibility, ability to speak English (!!)

Software Engineer

It works!

We found much more tax reductions than with the initial plan set up with my company (...)

Head of Sales

Great experience

We went to Heavnn to manage the taxation of our employees located abroad. Great experience!

Chief Finance Officer


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